Do you need a Picasso to repaint your office walls? If not, maybe you don’t need programmers to improve your business.


Low code and No code – why we deliver a prototype before other companies provide a quote.

Low code is the idea of ​​creating applications with minimal use of coding, and No code, the idea of ​​creating an application without writing any code. This is not a new idea in the IT world. IT has always been based on projects and tools that improve the work of programmers. Recently, however, tools have begun to appear that not only improve the work of programmers, but also allow you to build IT systems without or with minimal input from the programmer.

Still, to create a well-functioning application, you need more than knowledge about business needs and pain points in the process. You need basic IT knowledge regarding data modeling, creating a useful user interface, using API to integrate with other systems or at least security issues. In practice, this means that while the average user will find it difficult to cope with such a task, a person with such skills will be able to build an application several times faster than a classic programming team. Imagine the differences where applications or an IT system, thanks to the new technology, are performed by 3 specialists instead of 12 and it takes them much less time. This difference has a real impact on the budget and time. This is the biggest advantage of Low Code.

While a few years ago Low Code was a bit of a niche solution mainly for corporations, the Covid19 pandemic caused the world of Low Code to be supplied with a huge amount of investments, which led to the amazing development of the industry. The classical IT world was unable to respond to such a challenge. The opinion of market analysts such as Gartner or Forrester is that today Low Code is a reliable platform available to everyone. As BlackCoffee, we are part of this IT revolution and that is why we try not only to implement projects for our clients in Low Code technology, but also to share our knowledge, our thoughts and increase the awareness of the Polish market in this topic.

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